How we can help

  • Grow your eBay sales

    After 1 year on eBay we had already sold $100,000 worth of used items. There are no secrets, just hard work. Our process is simple & we work less than 20 hours a week. We don't promise success, but copying us will get you a head start!

  • Inventory 101

    We have explored SO MANY ways to buy inventory over the years. From thrift stores, flea markets, liquidation, & even tried to develop our own products! So many failures & wasted cash to actually find out what sells.

  • Keep growing

    Work with us to develop your process to maximize profits, while working as little as possible! From hiring virtual assistants to making money in other ways online!

Questions you may have...

  • How will you help me?

    By first understanding what YOU actually want. Everyone's case is different so we start there. If you want to master selling on eBay, great, if not maybe we can discover some hidden talents you may have!

  • Why trust you guys?

    Our only goal in life is to be rich & to not work for anyone. Along the way, we want to help as many people as we can. Yes, most of our experience is with selling on eBay, but we are much more than that!

  • If eBay is so great, why aren't you just doing that?

    This is a common question. We don't want to sell on eBay anymore. Our life has changed & so have our goals. Though we still plan on being full-time eBay sellers for at least the next year, the plan is to be 100% digital in 2 years.

  • What is the Utah Thrift Guide?

    Literally every place we sourced inventory from between Logan & West Jordan. We tell you what stores to avoid, what stores we did well at, & even some secret spots many don't know about!

$286,000 sold on eBay so far...

Our side hustle started from a closet & now we don't work for anyone. Let's do the same for you!

  • Learn our thought process of while buying & selling. Not just "buy these brands" like every YouTuber says. Real life explanations on WHY I chose certain products to resell over others. Most resellers are surface level people, that is NOT us!

  • Get 1-on-1 feedback on your progress. We expect a lot out of you. This isn't a get rich quick scheme nor are we going to hold your hand. This takes accountability & hard work. We felt abandoned by other "gurus", that wont happen to you!

  • Insides guide to thrifting in Utah... Like I said, we moved, so this information will now be yours! Learn where we found the best stuff & the places to AVOID! Even some local secrets you may not know about!

Don't need our help & just want the Utah Thrift Store Guide?

Grab just the guide without our course & start dominating the local market!

Hi! Were Sebastian & Shyanne

Oh yeah, & Oliver too!

Our family only wants one thing: To spend as much time together as possible, doing WHATEVER we want. Those plans don't include the following: A job, a boss, or an alarm clock (well besides the baby). Wanna get to know us a bit more?

What our Junkies say!

Game Changer!

Chloe Valdez

Resell Junkie has been a life changer! I went to the thrift store, and using the tips outlined in the guide, sold $500 my first 5 days on eBay! Sebastian and Shyanne truly want to thrive and succeed. I can't thank them enough for giving me the option to stay home with my family, while still making a fantastic income.

Quit your job!

Kiera Dawn

Resell Junkie gave me the motivation and resources to become my own boss! their teachings have shown how truly EASY it is to make money on my own terms, without having to devote my life to a meaningless 9-5. Quit your day job! thank you seb and shy!

Share your business!

Linzy Ruth

I’ve known Shy for 10 years. She helped me see I could start sharing my business on social media. I made enough money selling essential oils last month to pay our mortgage and insurance!!!! She also got me interested in selling clothes I don’t wear in my closet! I’ve already made $500 just on what I did not wear!

Ready to Get Started?

4 weeks of help & LIFETIME course access for just $199!

What you should expect...

Let's just make things clear so this doesn't get weird!

  • Nothing about us is corporate or by the books. Breaking the rules of "tradition" & being 100% honest is who we are. Please watch some of our YouTube videos before purchasing, not everyone will like working with us.

  • 1-on-1 help building the business of YOUR dreams. No we arent millionares, but we are trying to be! Get real feedback on your ideas & maybe we can help pull some hidden skills out of you!

  • The exact process we use daily in our eBay business to do over $100k a year in sales. No secrets & you can ask us any questions when it comes to selling online! Need to know if something is worth it to buy? Just message us :)

  • This program is very hands on. We want you to ask questions. Yes, there is plenty of video content, but asking questions & action is how to grow a real business. Oh yeah, this is just phase 1, we literally will be updating this every month with NEW content!

  • Price is $199 for the bundle of both courses with 4 weeks of 1-on-1 help regarding your online business! Please note: by "help" we mean by offering advice, tools, and experience. You are not buying time for us to build your store, do any backend work, or design work.

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

Dont need our help & just want the Utah Secrets?

Thats cool too! You can buy just the Utah Thrift Guide & that should get you started on your journey!

We aren't just eBay sellers...

Bonus content that we are NOT experts in (yet!)

  • Growing your following

    Followers=$$$ if you know what you are doing. Most people have no idea how this works, so we help you understand this world! Growing a following is hard, but let's work on it together!

  • Monetizing your passions

    Did you know that normal people make money online just talking about stuff they really love? Take for us, we talk about business, what do you want to share with the world?

  • Tools needed to win

    Do you suck at tech? We don't. Let us help make it easy to understand simple tools that can change your marketing skills overnight!

Let's start working on YOUR future!

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