How This Will Help

  • Learn how, what, & when to source from your local area! No crazy wholesale contacts that take years to find, with our method you can literally make money the same day!

  • Understand the process of buying used items to resell online. We go into the mindset of WHY we buy, not just a huge list of brands...that doesn't help anyone.

  • Fast track your side hustle... we give you our advice on how to speed up your process, hire help, & make money in other ways online than just reselling!

The "course"

Don't make this weird. School sucks, this is not school. Always changing & growing.

  • 1

    Module 1- Start with YOU!

    • Welcome!

    • Start with this personality test

    • 5 things we failed at in 2020

    • Plans are great, but be flexible & adapt

    • What skill sets do you have?

  • 2

    Module 2 - The Basics

    • How to make money today locally

    • Shipping supplies & some basics we use in our business

    • How to find the value of almost anything

    • Overview of 6 marketplaces

  • 3

    Module 3 - Finding Inventory

    • Thrift stores

    • Garage sales

    • Flea Markets

    • Store Liquidations / Pallets

    • Sourcing inventory from home

    • Retail arbitrage

  • 4

    Module 4 - Items to source

    • Electronics - Modern

    • Electronics - Vintage

    • Outdoors section

    • Furniture

    • Clothing

  • 5

    Clothing Tips

    • Intro to clothing

    • Things I need you to know!

    • Thought process of buying clothing

    • Clothing - Real VS Fake Vintage

    • How to measure clothes

    • Data on used mens clothing

    • Data on used womens clothing

    • 3 ways to ship clothes on eBay

    • FAST & ergonomic photo studio/process

  • 6

    Module 5 - eBay Masterclass

    • Spreadsheets we use

    • Comparing new account to established account

    • Your process is key

    • Photo studio setup

    • Listing templates

    • Using Terapeak to analyze competition

    • eBay store subscriptions

    • Marketing & Promoted listings

    • Customer service

    • Several inventory options

    • Shipping setup

    • Ideas for packaging odd items

    • Saving money with Pirate Ship

    • Setting up business policies

  • 7

    Module 6 - Other ways to make money online

    • Please read this first!

    • Creating your own course / info product

    • How a free course makes money

    • Grow your following & make $$$

    • Affiliate marketing basics

    • Creating your first Fiverr Gig

    • Adding Amazon Affiliate link to blog

    • Canva & graphics for beginners

  • 8

    Virtual Assistant

    • Virtual Assistant for eBay - Things to know

    • Video Walkthrough of hiring, employee access & spreadsheets

    • How to create a Upwork Posting to hire VA

    • Giving employee access on eBay - PLEASE READ

    • Zapier Automation - eBay to Google Sheets FREE ROBOT!

    • Setting up listing template for VA

  • 9

    Crazy sold values (bonus time killer)

    • Read Me

    • Master List of 25 categories & CRAZY sold items

    • Vintage Electronics - Crazy sold values

    • Antiques - Crazy Sold Values

    • Collectibles

    • Home Decor

    • Furniture

How this works...

Okay let's get the hard stuff out of the way.

  • Go To Thrift Stores!

    This is the "fun" part. Become a REAL LIFE treasure hunter! Thrift stores get the CRAZIEST things, that's why we go so often! If you think these places just sell junk, you are SO wrong! Let us help you find the best stuff to resell on eBay! No rules though, we show you other places to source inventory!

  • Do The Boring Stuff...

    Not gonna lie, some parts of this SUCK. Taking photos, creating listings, & shipping is NOT fun! Thing is, neither is a "real" job. It's called work for a reason, but we try to make it as minimal as possible! Value your time? We can help you hire your own virtual assistant to get some of it back!

  • This Is The BEST Part!

    You know how they say money doesn't buy happiness? That's true, but it does pay for the following: Bills, food, kids' clothing, & more side hustles. The money we made from eBay has changed our lives. Thing is, anyone can start a side hustle like this today, most just don't...

Get Started!

Starting this side hustle years ago changed our lives, we want the same for you!