Why Free?

Simple. Hopefully the free course helps you & then you buy the full program for $24.99!

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    • Welcome!

    • How a "Free" Course makes money... (case study)

    • What skill sets do you have?

    • Our journey to a steady business

    • Spreadsheets we use

    • Utah Thrift Guide

    • $19.99 Full Access Course

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    The Basics

    • How to identify value of almost anything

    • Thrift Store Tips & Tricks

    • Sourcing inventory from home

    • Master List of 25 categories & CRAZY sold items

    • Flea Markets

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    Start Making $$$

    • Overview of 6 marketplaces

    • Sell your stuff & time

    • Ideas For What to Sell Online

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    eBay Help

    • Your first eBay listing

    • How to raise eBay selling limits

    • Photo Studio Setup

    • Shipping Setup

    • Shipping Overview & Free Supplies!

    • International shipping

    • eBay listing templates setup

    • Data on sold used womens clothing

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    Start Growing!

    • How I Quit My Job in 6 months

    • Automate your spreadsheets!

    • How to find liquidation items

    • Creating Amazon & eBay affiliate links for normal people

You ever hate your job SO MUCH that you would do ANYTHING to quit?

I did... my corporate sales job killed my soul. Instead of focusing on my career, I started going thrift shopping instead. That choice changed my family's life forever! Now, my wife & I are full-time stay-at-home parents because of used clothing!