The side hustle for normal people!

Our FIRST year on eBay we sold over $100,000 worth of used stuff! From there, we went on & quit our jobs. Now, our goal is to inspire others & show that it is possible to make money without a job!

How this works...

  • Go To Thrift Stores!

    This is the "fun" part. Become a REAL LIFE treasure hunter! Thrift stores get the CRAZIEST things, that's why we go so often! If you think these places just sell junk, you are SO wrong! Let us help you find the best stuff to resell on eBay! No rules though, we show you other places to source inventory!

  • Do The Boring Stuff...

    Not gonna lie, some parts of this SUCK. Taking photos, creating listings, & shipping is NOT fun! Thing is, neither is a "real" job. It's called work for a reason, but we try to make it as minimal as possible! Value your time? We can help you hire your own virtual assistant to get some of it back!

  • This Is The BEST Part!

    You know how they say money doesn't buy happiness? That's true, but it does pay for the following: Bills, food, kids' clothing, & more side hustles. The money we made from eBay has changed our lives. Thing is, anyone can start a side hustle like this today, most just don't...

How we will help you

  • Learn the insider secrets of sourcing the best inventory from thrift stores in your local community! After losing TONS of money on crap that never sold, we can help you avoid those costly mistakes! We only buy & sell basic things that you find at thrift stores often.

  • Understand our process of buying used mens clothes & figure out the time saving hacks needed to make you the most profit! Our business only requires 20 hours a week of work (from us), yet still does over $100k a year in sales!

  • Get direct & honest answers to your questions when it comes to eBay, thrifting & the online world in general! We are nice people, but BRUTALLY honest.

The "course"

Updated monthly!

  • 1

    Module 1- Start with YOU!

    • Welcome to the course!

    • Start with this personality test

    • 5 things we failed at in 2020

    • Plans are great, but be flexible & adapt

    • What skill sets do you have?

  • 2

    Module 2 - The Basics

    • How to make money today locally

    • Shipping supplies & some basics we use in our business

    • How to find the value of almost anything

    • Overview of 6 marketplaces

  • 3

    Module 3 - Finding Inventory

    • Thrift stores

    • Garage sales

    • Flea Markets

    • Store Liquidations / Pallets

    • Sourcing inventory from home

    • Retail arbitrage

  • 4

    Module 4 - Items to source

    • Electronics - Modern

    • Electronics - Vintage

    • Outdoor Area

    • Clothing

  • 5

    CRAZY sold values!

    • Intro

    • Master List of 25 categories & CRAZY sold items

    • Furniture - Crazy Sold Values

    • Antiques - Crazy Sold Values

    • Collectibles - Crazy sold values

    • Vintage Electronics - Crazy sold values

  • 6

    Clothing Tips

    • Intro to clothing

    • You need to know this about clothing!

    • Thought process of buying clothing

    • Clothing - Real VS Fake Vintage

    • How to measure clothes

    • Top 10 Selling Brands DATA - Pre-Owned Men's Clothing

    • Top 10 Selling Brands DATA - Pre-Owned Women's Clothing

  • 7

    Module 5 - eBay Masterclass

    • Comparing new account to established account

    • Your process is key

    • Photo studio setup

    • Listing templates

    • Using Terapeak to analyze competition

    • eBay store subscriptions

    • Marketing & Promoted listings

    • Customer service

    • Several inventory options

    • Shipping setup

    • Ideas for packaging odd items

    • Saving money with Pirate Ship

    • Setting up business policies

    • Virtual Assistant for eBay - Things to know

    • How to create Upwork job posting

    • Giving employee access

  • 8

    Module 6 - Other ways to make money online

    • Please read this first!

    • Creating your own course / info product

    • Grow your following & make $$$

    • Affiliate marketing basics

    • Creating your first Fiverr Gig

    • Adding Amazon Affiliate link to blog

    • Canva & graphics for beginners

Some things to know

  • Who are you guys?

    Sebastian & Shyanne. Our life is very nontraditional & our dreams are LARGE. Well actually they are small, we want a simple life full of joy & free time. The plan for the next few years is to live the #vanlife

  • Why trust you?

    After selling over $300,000 worth of used stuff in the past three years, we have messed up so much. Our experience is real & so is the information in this program. Sebastian has wasted so much time & money when it came to growing this business. We can help you not suffer as much!

  • How will this help me?

    Listen, any idiot can create a course & sell it, in fact, lots do. Thing is, we aren't idiots & we actually care. Not only is the course something we will always be updating, but you can ask us questions along the way!

  • How will you teach me?

    Through video & text content. Our intent is to teach you techniques and thought processes rather than some quick tricks. Teach a man to fish kind of stuff!

Whats Included?

The direct communication you need to WIN

  • 1-on-1 communication with us. Not some crappy Facebook group. This part is critical for your success, thats why for 4 weeks you will have our direct support!

  • Our eBay business blue print. After years of trial & error, this is what has worked for us. Used clothing is our "thing", doesn't have to be yours, but it is GREAT money!

  • Lifetime access to course updates. This isn't an overnight type deal for us, we plan on making constant upgrades!

  • Sales data on eBay categories to help you decide what brands & styles to buy!

  • Scared to hire your 1st virtual assistant? No worries! We got you! After hiring TONS of freelancers online, we know how to spot the bad ones!

  • Get real feedback on your ideas, websites, or any other online assets you may have! We love talking about all sorts of business, not just reselling used stuff!

  • Need help with setting up websites & all of that nonsense? We can help with that as well :)

The specifics...

  • How much have you sold online?

    Over 7500 unique used items for more than $300,000. It took us less than a year to do $100k in sales on eBay! We dabbled on other marketplaces, but eBay is just too easy to make money on!

  • What are you guys good at?

    Sebastian: Loves business & tech, great at telling people their ideas suck. Shyanne: Psychology wiz & can analyze your situation from a neutral position.

  • How will I make money?

    Selling used stuff online, selling your services to people & using affiliate programs to monetize content. We are pro eBay sellers & dabble in everything else so we want to share ALL of these fun ways to make money online!

  • What does direct access mean?

    Just that... you get to message us directly. No longer do you have to post on some crappy Facebook group to get an answer from "YouTube Gurus". We won't ignore you as others ignored us.

  • How will you help me?

    By showing you what to buy at thrift stores to resell on eBay for a profit & how to spend as little time doing it as possible! Oh yeah & by answering your questions when you need help the most!

  • I dont know anything about the internet

    This probably won't be for you. If you don't actively use the internet on a daily basis, let's just save us all some time. Though we are very beginner-friendly, there's only so much time we can devote. Teaching people how to use the internet is NOT something we offer.

  • The legal stuff

    We are not psychologists or financial advisors. By taking our program, we are not guaranteeing any success. That being said, take everything here as our opinion & do further research before making any investments. Our business results are not typical, but with hard work anything is possible.

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