About The Course

This is intended to fast track you to success! Skip over the stupid mistakes we made & gain a slight advantage!

  • Our business has hustled over 7000 unique items in the past several years, needless to say there will be a ton of random info :)

  • Easy to understand material, school sucks, this isn't like that! Learn how you want, at home or on the go!

  • Practical information & no theories or BS. Our business is the case study, copy us & start building!

It doesnt matter what you sell

Just sell something!

When we got started several years ago, we never thought used clothing would make us a full time living. What will it be for you? Turn your hobbies into money-making schemes! Working for others is outdated, join the real world & start something for yourself!

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Sales Spreadsheet

    • Let's be real...

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - 101 the Basics

    • Retail stats & why its not too late

    • Where you live matters

    • Find your "thing"

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Make Money Locally

    • How to find free stuff screen cast

    • Sell your own stuff

    • Sell your skills online to people worldwide

    • Using driving apps to hustle

    • Top local side hustles

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Grow your "thing"

    • Make a plan & create process to grow

    • Become the expert - never stop growing

    • Its okay to try everything, just calm down eventually

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Selling Online

    • Common online hustles overview

    • Selling used books on Amazon

    • Best items for selling online

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Sourcing Inventory

    • Money is everywhere!

    • Thrift store secrets & hacks

    • Using technology to source from home

    • Go public! Garage sales & swap meets

    • The dump - start diving fool!

    • Retail Arbitrage

    • Always be telling everyone what you do!

  • 7

    Chapter 6 - Ship Like a Pro

    • Our shipping setup overview

    • What you sell matters when setting up

    • Shipping tips to save money

    • Shipping heavy & fragile stuff

    • Free shipping supplies

  • 8

    Chapter 7 - Create a process

    • Everyone is different, do what works for you

    • Our process from buying inventory to shipping orders

    • How to examine for damage, quickly

    • Inventory setup

  • 9

    Chapter 8 - Make More Sales!

    • Why what & where you sell matters

    • Listing best practices

    • Photography tips & setup

    • Running sales on eBay screencast

    • Using ebay advertising to promote items

    • Cross-listing items across multiple platforms.

  • 10

    Chapter 9 - From Side Hustle to Full Time

    • What its like to quit your job and hustle

    • Mindset & health

    • You must be the leader & accountable at all times

    • How to do it as fast as possible

    • Things to keep in mind - the harsh truths

  • 11

    Chapter 10 - Keep Growing!

    • This is just the start!

    • Upgrading your space, moving out from home

    • Private Label 101

    • Hiring overseas help

    • Brick & Mortar - Why it can work still

    • Creating digital products

    • Affiliate Marketing 101

No more excuses, we come with you!

It's 2020, so mobile is our priority!

Learning at home doesn't help you much, but getting you out & hustling will! Take us anywhere you take your phone (so like everywhere...)

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  • Market Analysis

    Listen, when you live somewhere for a long time you become blind to a lot of things. Let us take a peek at your local area & give you our thoughts on the best side hustle ideas!

  • 50% Off & Lifetime Access!

    We love discounts & by helping us build this, we will help you by cutting costs! None of this is easy to create & pre-sales help us judge what people actually want to learn! Along the way, we will send you surveys, it's our way of having our students guide the lesson plans!

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    As an OG Junkie, we wanna give you something really special. Real-life help with direct email access to us in your times of need! No, we aren't tech support, but when you have a really critical question or need an honest opinion, we got you!

Get it off your mind!

Our course is simple, we teach you how to buy & sell used stuff locally and online.

  • What do you know about?

    In the few years that we have been doing this hustle, our store has seen over 7000 unique used items. We rarely get multiples of any item, so its really a wide range of stuff. We talk about it all from vintage electronics, lawn equipment, to even Amazon return pallets!

  • What will I learn?

    How to make money today & the steps to setting up a steady at home business. This isn't a miracle fix, it takes time & effort. The results are real, but its all up to you & how hard you hustle!

  • I dont know anything about sales

    Doesn't matter, online platforms now a days are pretty much dummy proof. As long as you can use Facebook & take a photo, you can sell stuff online! Wanna know a secret? Most "sales" people are just making things up as they go, do the same!

  • I have no money at all

    That sucks, take our free course first. Once you learn how to flip some stuff that you found for free, come back over here! If you are recently released from prison for a non-violent drug related offense, please contact us.

  • I dont want to ship things

    Thats cool, we have a whole segment on just building up a local based side hustle. Though we think shipping & selling online is the best strategy, we know its not for everyone!

  • Why so expensive?

    If you actually read anything in the course, you can pay for it within a few hours if you actually hustle. We think the price is fair, but if you dont we suggest finding a few awesome people on Youtube to follow. Thats how we started years ago!

  • Im scared to fail

    The best success comes from failure. My goal is to fail often & fail hard, thats when you learn the most about yourself. I HOPE you fail at something, it means you're trying! What you should be scared about is a wasted life because you only make $40k a year & have no future planned.

  • Why give away secrets?

    To be quite honest, selling used stuff online isnt our dream. It's a great hustle & we are forever grateful, but the next journey in our life is here. Now that our son is born, we want to create more of a digitally based income so we can be free to travel.

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